Embedded answers (Cloze)

This very flexible question type is similar to a popular format known as the Cloze format.

Questions consist of a passage of text (in Moodle format) that has various sub-questions embedded within it, including

  • short answers (SHORTANSWER or SA or MW), case is unimportant,
  • short answers (SHORTANSWER_C or SAC or MWC), case must match,
  • numerical answers (NUMERICAL or NM),
  • multiple choice (MULTICHOICE or MC), represented as a dropdown menu in-line in the text
  • multiple choice (MULTICHOICE_V or MCV), represented a vertical column of radio buttons, or
  • multiple choice (MULTICHOICE_H or MCH), represented as a horizontal row of radio-buttons.

There is currently no graphical interface to create these questions - you need to specify the question format using the text box or by importing them from external files.

Here is an example of the input text used to specify such a question:

Note that for multiple choice vertical or horizontal rendering there is no automatic numbering. It can added at each answer as shown here.

This example will appear to students as follows:

Question 1
Marks: --/13.00

The multichoice question can also be shown in the vertical display of the standard moodle multiple choice

Or in an horizontal display that is included here in a table

A shortanswer question where case must match. Write moodle in upper case letters

Note that addresses like www.moodle.org and smileys smile all work as normal:
a) How good is this?

Good luck!

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